Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Novel Study Resources and a FREEBIE

Ahoy, Bucaroos! I have been on a rather long shore leave which is why
I've been out of touch. But now I'm ready to sail again into the vast Sea of Learning!
While on leave, I created a gem of a teaching product, Novel Study Resources for Grades 3-5.  Knowing how time consuming creating resources and printables for each chapter book read during a typical school year is, I collected various graphic organizers I had designed for specific books and edited them to work for any fictional narrative. This TIME-SAVING treasure can be used with any novel or  chapter book for Intermediate    grades.

Nine graphic organizers, which I like to think of as treasure maps, help students organize their ideas and thoughts as they read and analyze the narrative. These printable organizers for characters, setting, plot, theme, and vocabulary can be cut out and glued into reading journals. There are also organization maps to assist with writing summaries. Working samples of summaries and graphic organizers are included so teachers can show students how a finished product might look. 


Examples of Graphic Organizers

Story Plot Organizer
One of three Summary Flow Maps

In addition 40 discussion and/or written response questions are provided. Some cover story elements. Others explore various fiction genre: realistic fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, and science fiction. As a bonus, I created a mini anchor chart identifying these genres and listing their characteristics.  You may want to choose some of the questions as an assessment.

Finally, Common Core ELA Standards to which this product aligns  are listed for you, and teaching tips explain how to utilize each of the resources with your students. Click on the Novel Study Resources cover above to preview the product.

If you want to try out a small piece of this product, then click on the Setting Teaching Resources FREEBIE below.

I hope you find these treasures helpful, Mateys! If you do and if you have suggestions for other teaching products, please leave a comment below.

Happy Sailing!


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