Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Return of the Pirate Queen

Ahoy, Mates! The Pirate Queen has returned! I could say I have been on a lengthy treasure hunt. I could say I was lost at sea! But truth be told, life just got in the way! My family needed me so I took a break from blogging. Now, things are settling in, and I am able to take time to write again.

You may have noticed that my blog banner has a slight change. It used to say, "Language Arts Treasure for the Intermediate Classroom". Although most of my resources are LA related, I occasionally have created math products and a few others related to holidays. Also, my resources are mostly geared to grades 3-5. However, I am broadening my scope to include middle school products as well. Thus, the change to the banner: "Treasure for the Intermediate and Upper Classrooms".

Recently, I have been working on grammar related resources that align with the Common Core State Standards for Grade 5. Specifically, my focus has been on CONJUNCTIONS! The interesting thing is that in order to understand conjunctions and their functions you also must have an understanding of SENTENCES-- simple, compound, complex as well as CLAUSES-- independent and dependent. What this means is that as you teach conjunctions you must review sentences and clauses. You will find that these Conjunction resources will help you with that challenge.

There are three types of conjunctions: Coordinating, Correlative, and Subordinating. When teaching such complicated concepts, I find PowerPoint to be a useful tool. My slideshows are engaging and  interactive. Students work with partners to answer questions posted on the slides. Also, teaching tips are provided as "Comments" for most slides.

Click on the product covers to preview each resource. Although these resources are aligned with Grade 5, they can be used for reviews with Grades 6-8.

There is an additional Subordinating Conjunction Task Card resource available that includes three task card activities. Below is a link to a FREEBIE that will give you an idea of what the Task Card resource is like.

If you are looking for grammar products for Grades 3 and 4, sail to my store by clicking on the Pirate Queen image at the beginning of the post. For 3rd grade you will find resources for nouns and verbs. For 4th grade, there are products for each of the Common Core Language Conventions Standards, 4.1A-G.

If this is your first visit to my blog, please take a look at previous postings. Most have a link to a free product. Be sure to read the first post as I explain my classroom pirate theme.

Finally, please leave a comment if just to say hello.

Happy Sailing!