Friday, May 17, 2019

Fun Vocab Activities for "Miss Alaineous: A Vocbulary Disaster"


One of my favorite books for celebrating vocabulary is Miss Alaineous: A Vocabulary Disaster by Debra Frasier. 5th grader Sage is home sick with a bad cold so she calls her friend, Starr, for the weekly 15 word vocabulary  list. Although Starr calls out and spells the first 14 words to Sage, she is in a rush to get to baseball practice and shouts out the final word without spelling it.   Sage misinterprets the word which eventually leads to trouble and some embarrassment.  Can you guess the troubling word?

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At the end of the story, the class celebrates a school year of vocabulary study when each student picks a word and designs a costume based on the word.  Students wear their costumes in the school Vocabulary Parade. Surprisingly to Sage, she won a trophy for The Most Original Use of a Word! Can you guess the word? 

I have put together a FREE resource with seven vocabulary activities related to the book. Also included are teaching tips, student goals, recording sheets, and a list of words beginning with the prefix, mis-.   
Aligned with Common Core State Standards, this resource is ideal for intermediate grades. Read on, matey, as I share a few of these treasured activities with you. If you decide you would like this product, click on the above image. It will take you directly to the resource in my TpT store.

      Activity 3

In the book, Mrs. Page, Sage's teacher, offers her students an extra credit vocabulary assignment. They will write 26 sentences, one for each letter in the alphabet. Each sentence must contain three words that begin with the same letter. Starting with the letter A, students search the dictionary for words that are “different, unusual, or surprising”.  Sage's sentences are located along the edges of each page in Frasier's picture book.

Your students will investigate the words that Sage uses in each of her EXTRA CREDIT sentences. This can be a weekly Language Arts or Vocabulary Center assignment using one of Sage’s sentences per week. For each of the three words, students will complete the Vocabulary Four Boxes activity. In Box 1, students write the word and its definition. In Box 2, they draw a picture to illustrate the definition. In Box 3, they write their own sentence using the word, and in the final box, they identify synonyms, antonyms, and related words or phrases.     

If you are interested in more vocabulary resources, click on this image.              

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