Wednesday, April 22, 2020

FREE Teaching Treasures

With school sites having closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am sharing  free teaching resources for teachers and parents.  

My most recent Freebie is a Distance Learning resource that contains a list of 20+ websites for PreK, Elementary, and Middle School students. These sources are listed according to subject matter, Math/Science and Language Arts/Social Studies. There is a third list for sites 
that are cross-curricular.  Most websites include games, puzzles, videos, and articles. 

These following products are mostly designed for intermediate grades and cover language arts and math.


Pirate Independent Reading Challenge 

This resource is an independent reading program I created for my classroom of 4th graders.  It can be adapted for any grade level and can be used for summer reading.  The book list is designed for grades 3-5. However, below are links to lists that include books for all ages as well as more recently published books:

Other features of this resource are reading logs for recording pages read and graphic organizers for journal assignments.


                                                                        Writing a Narrative - Like a Pirate Queen                          
Although this mini unit is about writing pirate stories, these lesson ideas can be used with most every type of narrative.  Included are:

  •  detailed teaching tips 
  • directions for creating pirate names 
  • graphic organizer for narrative elements along with  a completed sample                                     
  • the beginning of a pirate narrative
  • final copy sheets, narrative checklist & scoring sheet 


Plural Noun Land Board Game            

Games provide a fun and engaging way to practice grammar rules!  If you are sending packets to your students, you can print out the board parts as well as the noun cards, answer key, and Spelling Guideline Chart.  If instead you are teaching online and your families have access to printers, you can share this resource electronically. Both regular and irregular nouns are covered.   


                                                                     U.S. Customary Capacity Measurement
These 8 task cards are a sample of a 32 task card resource that provides practice of U.S. Capacity Measurement.  Each card contains a word problem about adorable Frog Chefs and their recipes for Cricket Stew, Fruit Fly Cupcakes, and other tasty frog treats!  Also included are U.S. Capacity Measurement Equivalents chart and the Big G chart, a visual diagram of equivalents, which students can color.  

Pumpkin Patch Place Value Riddles

This product is a sample of an engaging and challenging Place Value Task Card practice set designed for a range of students. Use these task cards to differentiate for advanced second graders, to provide practice for third grade students, or to review with fourth graders. There are 8 task cards. Each card contains a riddle involving two-digit and/or three-digit numbers. 

Thank you for visiting!  I hope you find these resources useful, and most importantly I hope your students find them to be engaging and fun!

Please sail back in another month or so for more teaching treasures!  In the meantime, stay safe.