Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Digital Vocabulary Treasure


Ahoy, Matey!  Just like you, the Pirate Queen has been on lock- down for a while 
and still attempting to adjust to the "New Normal"!  Of course pirates are resourceful and resilient so I'm confident that I'll be able to weather this COVID-19 storm.
As you may know, Teachers Pay Teachers has made it possible for sellers to add an interactive layer to their already published PDF resources to create digital activities that students can use on their electronic devices.  For schools that are starting online, these digital resources will save teachers valuable time.  So today I would like to share with you some of my vocabulary products which have been revised with digital activities.  
Designed for Intermediate grades, "Prefix Hunt" and "On the Hunt for Prefixes" focus on twelve commonly used prefixes.  Each resource provides two to three sets of prefixed words for students to work with.  Below are the activities for each set of words:
  • matching games
  • drawing activities
  • practice worksheets available as digital documents
  • assessment available as digital documents


Also available with digital activities are "Root Hunt: audi/dict" and "Root Hunt: man/ped".  These resources can be used with grades 4th - 8th and provide engaging activities to reinforce the meaning of these roots and to apply those meanings to unknown words.

For each root, students focus on four words sharing that particular root. These words are introduced in a brief narrative, and students are required to use context clues to determine their meanings. Once meanings are verified, students engage with these words by writing definitions, drawing pictures, completing sentence stems, and listing related words and phrases.

More practice is provided with games. There are two matching games. One matches words to definitions. The other matches words to sentences. In addition, there is a board game in which players attempt to be the first to reach the Root Word Forest by correctly selecting one of four words to complete a sentence in order to move along the path that leads to the forest.  Although the games are not digital, the game cards for the board game are available as a multiple choice digital activity.

Additional word lists are provided along with “Word Parts Activity”, a strategy for identifying word parts such as prefixes, roots, and suffixes.  This activity is also available as a digital document.

Thanks for docking your ship at my blog post!  I hope you will sail back here when you need more teaching treasure.  In the meantime, sail safely!

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